Thanks to the popular TV shows of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls, interest in Bushcraft has soared.

More and more people want to spend their spare time in wild places, often the wilder the better!  

Bushcraft is a range of skills that can allow us to become confident and more comfortable when we are off the beaten track.  These are skills that were once essential for our survival but have become forgotten for most of us.  Now people want to reconnect with these skills whether for serious outdoor activity or just for fun and to get active and dirty!

We offer a range of Bushcraft sessions for children and adults that cover the essential skills such as fires and fire lighting, shelters and structures, equipment and tool use, camp set ups and campfire cooking.


Opportunities we offer include:

  • Bushcraft Birthdays.   Far more memorable than a trip to Pizza Hut!
  • Team Building and Staff Training days.  Bring your staff along for a very different and enjoyable challenge!  Packages tailored to suit numbers and needs.
  • Family days for children of all ages (that means you too Mum and Dad)!  Allows the whole family the chance to learn and practice new skills together with fully trained guidance.

Fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and have fun.

All equipment/food/tools are provided. 

Get in touch and we'll be happy to help!


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