Forest School is based on the principle that children should be given access to natural spaces, ideally woodlands, and allowed to direct their play and learning towards their own discoveries.  This gives children a sense of control that can be lacking in other areas of their lives.  Forest School therefore can be viewed as an ethos rather than a specific activity.  

Research has shown that children who experience Forest School receive many benefits including:

  • Improvements in physical health and improved motor abilities
  • Learn to manage their own feelings and behaviour and those of others
  • Develop greater independence, confidence and self esteem
  • Learn to manage their own risks
  • Develop personal and social skills through team work and cooperation
  • Develop a deeper awareness of the natural world

We work in partnership with the Forestry Commission, and as an official learning provider have special permissions to use their woodlands for Forest School and all of our educational activities.

We have a fully qualified and registered Forest School Leader to deliver all of our sessions.

We can offer a whole range of Forest School packages from our full year of session delivery with Kirkdale St. Lawrence Primary School in Liverpool to extended session programmes, full day sessions and single taster sessions.

We will work with you to provide for your specific needs and budgets to ensure a quality outdoor experience for the children in your care.  


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